a year ago in Security5 min read
What I do to protect my digital life; Virtual Private Networks, password managers and data backups.
Uganda7 months ago
The rise and fall of my laptop
Uganda8 months ago
Rwenzori and Campsite
Uganda8 months ago
Hike to the crater lakes
Uganda7 months ago
Long Easter weekend to Lake Bunyonyi and a small visit to Kigali
3 months ago in Web1 min read
Something amazing that I've recently discovered and few people know about; immersive 3D cities in google maps.
Uganda8 months ago
First friday in Fort Portal
2 months ago in Work, Life, Travel7 min read
If you have the knowledge and skills required, and you know you can hold yourself to a standard of reliability with any potential client: congratulations—you too can live the life of a digital nomad.
5 months ago in Web6 min read
Introduction to an accessible web for everyone and why it should matter to you.
Uganda7 months ago
My first safari
5 months ago in Web4 min read
A brief summary of the history of web accessibility
a year ago in Work5 min read
Front end development, like any specialised trade or spectator sport, is a lot harder than it looks.