18 days ago in Products10 min read
My story on how I built the Music Player for Reddit from the very start two years ago until I launched it on Reddit and became an overnight success.
How to connect your Raspberry PI to the Internet in 3 easy steps
A guide on how to set up a home server on your Raspberry PI. Reachable through the internet.
4 months ago
Learn how to vibrate your mobile phone on the web using the vibration API
Vibration API - Usage, libraries and use cases. Vibrate your device.
a year ago
My Trip to Russia
A quick journal of my 16 days in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
2 years ago
Gentse Feesten meets Instaghent
I've been working a lot lately for my own personal projects next to the various freelance projects that I do. One of these projects is Instaghent.
2 years ago
2 years ago in Entrepreneurship3 min read
One of the toughest things to consider when starting a business is that of finding a suitable company name.