3 months ago in Work, Life, Travel7 min read
If you have the knowledge and skills required, and you know you can hold yourself to a standard of reliability with any potential client: congratulations—you too can live the life of a digital nomad.
7 months ago in Web4 min read
A brief summary of the history of web accessibility
7 months ago in Web6 min read
Introduction to an accessible web for everyone and why it should matter to you.
5 months ago in Web1 min read
Something amazing that I've recently discovered and few people know about; immersive 3D cities in google maps.
Uganda9 months ago
Rwenzori and Campsite
a year ago in Security5 min read
What I do to protect my digital life; Virtual Private Networks, password managers and data backups.
a year ago in Work5 min read
Front end development, like any specialised trade or spectator sport, is a lot harder than it looks.
Uganda8 months ago
The rise and fall of my laptop
Uganda8 months ago
Long Easter weekend to Lake Bunyonyi and a small visit to Kigali
Uganda9 months ago
Hike to the crater lakes
Uganda8 months ago
My first safari
Uganda9 months ago
First friday in Fort Portal