People don't think enough. People don't use their brain. They use copy-paste. Your brain is free. It is wickedly fast.
Use Your Fucking Brain by Erik Spiekermann about Thinking
Execution before conception. Meaning before perception.
Know What You're Doing by Ed Fella about Books, Thinking
A complex world has made us over-emphasise How-based thinking and education. Once the tools are understood, grasping why to do certain things becomes more valuable than how to do them. How is recipes, but learning a craft is more than following instructions.

How is important for new practitioners learning to avoid common mistakes. Why is for those who wish to push, are not risk-averse, and seek to improve. How is coulda, Why is shoulda. How is finishing tasks, Why is fulfilling objectives. How results in more, Why yields better.

Why is Greater than How by Frank Chimero about Purpose, Design, Thinking, EducationSource