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E-commerce Concerns for Front-End Developers: The Best Payment Platforms
E-commerce presents a special set of challenges for front-end developers, not the least of which is choosing how the client’s web customers will eventually pay them.
Why Web Development Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon
It’s easier than ever to carve a solid career out of web development. One of the greatest benefits is that so many employers and clients have no problem with remote workers.
What Websites Like Wordpress and Squarespace are Doing for the Coding Industry
With a lowered barrier to entry for creating a website that doesn’t look terrible to look at, even with zero technical experience, web hosting/platform websites like Squarespace, Wordpress, and Blogspot are shaking up the marketplace of URL-owners where now single-man operations can theoretically compete with multi-million-dollar backed companies. Is this new phenomenon crippling web development? Or is it merely a new paradigm that web developers integrate into their working knowledge?
Embracing Work Anywhere: Being a Digital Nomad
If you have the knowledge and skills required, and you know you can hold yourself to a standard of reliability with any potential client: congratulations—you too can live the life of a digital nomad.
Immersive 3D cities in Google Maps
Something amazing that I've recently discovered and few people know about; immersive 3D cities in google maps.
The History of Web Accessibility
A brief summary of the history of web accessibility
Web Accessibility and Why You Should Care
Introduction to an accessible web for everyone and why it should matter to you.
Why is it so hard to find a good front end developer?
Front end development, like any specialised trade or spectator sport, is a lot harder than it looks.
How to secure your internet access
What I do to protect my digital life; Virtual Private Networks, password managers and data backups.
A look at good password hygiene
An introduction to good password hygiene, what to do and what to avoid.
How to secure your Android phone
What I do to protect my Android device from unauthorised access and theft.
How I built the Music Player for Reddit and made it to the Front Page of the Internet
My story on how I built the Music Player for Reddit from the very start two years ago until I launched it on Reddit and became an overnight success.
How to connect your Raspberry PI to the Internet in 3 easy steps
A guide on how to set up a home server on your Raspberry PI. Reachable through the internet.
Learn how to vibrate your mobile phone on the web using the vibration API
Vibration API - Usage, libraries and use cases. Vibrate your device.
Books for Designers
My personal list of must-read books for designers.
My Trip to Russia
A quick journal of my 16 days in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
Gentse Feesten meets Instaghent
I've been working a lot lately for my own personal projects next to the various freelance projects that I do. One of these projects is Instaghent.
The 5 best ways to name your next big business
One of the toughest things to consider when starting a business is that of finding a suitable company name.
The ultimate script to remove all missing links in InDesign
Sometimes you have the pleasure to work with InDesign files that are over 600 pages long and that have a lot of missing images. Here's how to remove them.
Introduction to Instaghent
Instaghent is an application that collects all the cool and amazing images on Instagram located in Ghent.
My 4 best tips to kill procrastination, increase productivity and ace those deadlines
Would you just look at the time. It's the perfect time to start working on something. But most of the time people love to procrastinate.